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Woo, my Bakura Bag already came in!  And it turned out hella lovely.  Interestingly, the stripes ended up more green and the image ended up more blue than the preview image, which was reversed, ha ha.

This bag is a pretty nice size and it’ll be excellent for when I’m in Bakura cosplay at cons.  I don’t have plans in the near future to sell Bakura bags, but if there’s enough interest I’ll consider it.

Also featuring:
Bakura Pillow Plushie by kafai - plushies on Etsy
3D Printed Millennium Ring by vaguelygenius - available on ShapeWays
Bakura buttons - available on Etsy and Storenvy

Ahhhh, I just saw this today!! The bag is adorable and that is a nice paint job on the Ring! In the interest of science, did you use a glossy black layer underneath, or did you go straight in with the gold?
And if you ever want a Ring with the expressive eye, let me know, we could probably figure out something to make it work!

Sorry to take so long to reply, but to answer your question, yes, I did use a primer spray before using the Montana Gold.  However, due to time constraints because I wanted to have my Ring ready for Katsucon and couldn’t find the recommended black primer in a store, I used a white matte spray primer I had found at Home Depot intead.

Which, in the end was tricky tou se because I was spraying white primer on white plastic and couldn’t tell if I had an even coat or not, lol.  I suspect that I probably didn’t spray enough, after seeing how much gold paint it took to get an even coat (which I took more liberty in spraying than the white primer)  Hopefully, it helped at least a little though.

From a distance the paint job looks good, but up close you can see I had trouble getting paint inside the little nooks of the details.  I’m inexperienced with spray paint, so I’m unsure if that’s something I could’ve helped.

And how did you know I was wondering about the possibility of an expressive Ring, lol

Ah, thank you for replying! Hmm, I guess there wasn’t any other glossy spray available? That’s odd… I know that Wal-Mart Supercenters usually have a pretty good selection of paints, and that’s where I bought all the paint I used haha. God bless capitalism

If you had trouble with the paint, I think that giving it another chart of the gold should be okay. The more coats of paint, the smoother and shinier the surface (though tiny details may get drowned- luckily the tiniest details on the Ring are the circle bumps, which are pretty minor features tbh).

The best way to paint the sucker, I’ve found, is to hang a wire hanger upside-down on a tree and place the top loop of the Ring in the hook, so you can spray it with paint from every angle easily! Remember to stand back a few feet also~ This keeps the pointers from sticking to anything since they’ll be free to shift around a little. And then once that’s dry you can just aim a bit of paint at the underside of the loop so you don’t have an unpainted patch there.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll probably add some of this info to the How to Paint guide. Your contribution to Science is appreciated!

It’s not hard to guess since I’ve seen your DHB cosplay and I’m a fan of the blog! Also it’s totes possible, so if you’re interested, send me an ask and we can discuss in detail~ :D I do like to try making dreams come true~!
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Drawn with little skill, but much love as part of my art trade with beamthechao, for which she drew me this absolutely precious Dark Magician!

I don’t know much about Fullmetal Alchemist, but I’ve seen you post them a lot, so I tried my best! Also tried making a tribalish thing I guess?

Combo Hominoculi + Envy tribalish symbol??

I hope you like it, Beamie!

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Last one today I promise!

VaguelyGenius wanted a Dark Magician doodle, so I made a little one for her~ In manga colors because that’s what my sister’s figurine looks like (my reference xD)

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I really really like faux gradients and I realized that I hadn’t ever actually applied one to the blue-eyes tribal.

The gradient blue version is available on shirts, hoodies, phone/tablet cases, and stickers~!

The black version is also available on shirts, hoodies, phone/tablet cases, and stickers~!

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Suddenly inspired to draw the Yu-gi-ohs as Pokemon! Please forgive the awful sketchiness! Might make a nicer version that has some actual effort put into it.

The breakdown is:

Mawile Mai, Simisage Tristan, Growlithe Joey, Kirlia Tea, Yamask Yami Yugi (without mask or memories of his past life), Dragonair Seto, Togetic Yugi, Malamar Marik, Pumpkaboo Ryou (oops, forgot his antenna!), Zoroark Bakura (with Odd Keystone instead of an orb on his ponytail), and Deino Mokuba.

I really like the idea of Yami Yugi being a Yamask missing his mask, so then his goal (and by extension, Yugi’s) is to find his mask and recover his memories.

And I think Yugi’d be part of the Togepi line because he tends to bring happiness and optimism wherever he goes.

Pumpkaboo suits Ryou because they carry wandering spirits to where they belong, and I think it’s pretty widely speculated that he has a pretty strong link to the Thief King.

Malamar are the Pokemon experts of mind control, perfect for manipulative Marik. Since Yami Marik is a split personality rather than a completely separate entity, his presence would probably be made clear by Marik flipping upside down.

And Bakura would be Zoroark, the master of illusions and deception. The Odd Keystone traps the 108 souls that make up a Spiritomb, so that would probably be the 99 villagers and Zorc + 8 others ??

Think it’s fitting/interesting?

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If the Millennium Puzzle grants the insane amount of good luck necessary to draw precisely the right card needed at the exact moment of dramatic climax where it will be most effective, how much good luck should a life-size replica grant me when fighting the odds while playing the lottery?

And will it grant me more luck once painted?

Stay tuned for a full report on the luck-generating properties of 3D-printed Millennium Items!

Some of the awesome cosplayers I saw at animatemiami!
(Part 1/3)

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Even more awesome and adorable cosplayers at animatemiami!

(Part 3/3)

More epic cosplayers at @animatemiami!
(Part 2/3)

How to paint your 3D-printed Millennium Items (and maybe non-3D printed ones if you like)

This is a little (hopefully) informative post about how I painted my 3D-printed Millennium Items~!

I did a little research beforehand and what I found most commonly recommended was to do a coat of plastic primer, then glossy black (the chemicals that make the paint glossy force the paint to make a nice smooth surface, which is what is critical for getting a metallic gold look rather than a sparkly gold look), and then the metallic gold.

Read More

Ah, thank you so much! <3 Don’t worry about asking me questions, I love answering them~

As for how to design a 3D model, it really depends on what you’re trying to print! I’m a mechanical engineer by training, so I’ve been taught to use SolidWorks. This program is oriented towards making models of machines and complex assemblies with very precise measurements for stress analysis, rapid-prototyping and eventual mass-production.

Solidworks is probably the most user-friendly software of its kind. It is very good at allowing me to make accurately sized props, and the Millennium Items are geometric enough that it isn’t much trouble to model them on the software at all.

The most challenging parts of the model are actually the curvy bits that go around the iris on each model! That’s because SolidWorks isn’t good at working with organic, flowy and curvy shapes since it’s typically used for production rather than art pieces.

This means that if you’re thinking of making character models or swoopy, curled art pieces, then you’re much better off using a different program. At this point, I can’t be of too much service, since this isn’t my area of expertise, but I have heard good things about Blender, a free, open-source 3D-modelling and sculpting program.

The biggest downside to SolidWorks, besides its trouble handling very organic geometries, is its pricetag. It costs $90 a year for a limited student license, which doesn’t have all the features of a full version of the software.

Being an engineering student gives me access to the software through my university, but if engineering is not your major, you might have to look into alternative (preferably free/open-source) software. Whichever software you choose, there are probably a ton of free tutorials online to get you started modelling right away~

I hope this was helpful!

Everyone’s favorite soul-devourers, now with a tribal twist! As enchanting as their flames might be, I don’t suggest you follow them anywhere!

Get a t-shirt or hoodie with this design on it here!

This design was made for the giveaway winner, who got to pick a pokemon for me to tribalize and will a receive a hoodie with this design on it~! 8D


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Premiered my Millennium Ring at #animatemiami ! Get your own Millennium Item by checking out my post:

arcane-magics whispered,

Do you have a rough estimate of when it'll be finished?

I’m hoping to get the model done within the next couple of weeks, but then I’d have to buy it myself to make sure the threading is functional and that I there aren’t any major issues with the model, which would take an additional 3 weeks, probably, assuming I have the means to buy it for myself. And, assuming you bought it immediately after I updated the model and made it available for sale, it’d most likely be another 3 weeks before it arrived at your hands.

So I’m guessing a month and a half for the model to be validated and a little more than two months for you to receive it.

I mean, if you’re in a real hurry, I could just upload a push-fit version of the Rod with dagger or allow the sale of the 1-piece Rod. However, the price tag is going to be $250 because those models exceed the typical 3D-printer size ability and the plastic would be unpolished because the pieces would be too large to fit in their tumbler.

arcane-magics whispered,

Hi! I was just wondering if you knew about how much the 3D printed Millenium Rod will be? It looks absolutely amazing, and PERFECT for my cosplay!

The current estimate is around $200 with it split into 3 pieces, two of which would be joined together permanently, allowing you to unscrew the sheath of the Rod from the top and expose the stabby bit.

This might change since currently the bottom half is too big to qualify for polishing and will probably have to be split again, but I don’t think it should be significantly more expensive than that.

The assembled model will be around 14 inches long, and measuring that against your forearm will give you a good idea of how big this sucker is.

EDIT: I’m tagging all the 3D-printed Millennium Items posts “#genocide free millennium items” for your convenience~!